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NuPower Yoga strength Chesapeake Hot Yoga


From core training to flexibility, NuPower delivers an effective combination of power and stretch. You get all the benefits of yoga and then some! Classes will be room temperature to just lightly heated. 

We have 2.5 (black), 5 (yellow), and 7.5 (orange) pound NuBell weights available for this class. If it is your 1st time taking this class we suggest starting out with 2.5 weights. 

Fridays 11:00am 



Enjoy the benefits of strength building & movement through yang yoga, along with a restorative yin yoga practice. This class will include a gentle flow to help warm the body & build strength.  By using our NuBell weights in a few select postures we will move mindfully from one pose to the next so you will feel the natural progression of the practice from beginning to end & work on building strength, endurance and balance.  For the yin portion of class we will use bolsters, blocks, our NuPower NuBells & other props to help deepen your stretch and focus on overall joint health and a deeper fascial stretch. Class is room temperature to just lightly heated. 


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