CHY Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of classes to accommodate everyone in any physical condition. Restorative Yin is a traditional Chinese practice that focuses on stretching the joints, connective tissues, and calming the mind in a non heated environment. Or try a Light & Warm class that teaches you traditional Hatha asanas (postures) in a less strenuous practice. Hot Vinyasa is a 75-minute practice in a hot, humid environment and builds strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardio-vascular health. The Hot Series is a 75-90 minute practice of a set series of postures performed in the heat and provides over-all health and wellness. The latter two are the most strenuous and you should bring a large bottle of water with you to the practice.

You will be guided by a Registered Yoga Teacher in a variety of styles to keep the mind and body free from boredom and routine. Our instructors provide regular breaks for hydration and rest between sequences, and you are welcome to rest or drink when you need it. No matter your body shape, age, or fitness level, yoga will awaken your entire body to a feeling of overall well-being, and restored energy. Join any class on our schedule, and feel welcome to be yourself.

What is a Registered Yoga Instructor? A registered yoga instructor is someone who has completed rigorous training in: pose, breath, philosophy, anatomy & physiology, and CPR. A registered teacher is educated above and beyond a "certified" teacher. Don't settle for less.

We have several pricing options available- including a $20 Trial Week , which consists of unlimited classes, for 7 consecutive days.

"Words can not describe Yoga. One must experience it." - BKS Iyengar

Yoga, like any physical exercise, should be done carefully and we recommend you consult your physician before beginning any exercise program including yoga.




CHY Yoga Teacher Training

"My experience of the Yoga Teacher Training program at Chesapeake Hot Yoga has been remarkable for the simple reason of its professionalism. I don't think one could expect a more carefully executed training than that which Chesapeake Hot Yoga offers."

Graham M. Schweig, Ph.D. (Harvard)
Professor/Scholar of Yoga History and Philosophy
Author-Translator of Bhagavad Gita (HarperOne 2007)
Co-Founder Director of The Secret Yoga




Yoga Alliance Certification RYT500 Yoga Teacher Training